13 February, 2018

Scrap Dash

I got so excited by my last scrap socks I had to keep going to use up some more...  

This is what we start with...  

Stay tuned...

12 February, 2018

Scrap Madness

OH I had such fun doing these socks!  Cleared out a little of the scrap pile, but sadly not a great dent has been made.  That's OK.  I will just do some more.

They match but they don't.  So it's all good.  Stuart wears them with other socks on top so it's not like he will care anyway.

Also my first proper go at Fish Lips Kiss heel which really impressed me.  I do like that they were finished when I cast off the cuff.

Socks #4 2018

09 February, 2018

Thursday Thanks

  • A good start to the school year.
  • Memorable holiday fun.
  • Quiet holidays are as good as busy ones!  
  • Grandparents are great babysitters.
  • Finding news of a customer that had disappeared on us, finding & visiting him.  What a relief!  
  • Good days at work.  
  • Making new friends.

07 February, 2018

It's Back!

Yes, it arrived.  School is back on darn it.  Better return than I expected so that was a relief.  

Busy though as soon as they are gone!  How did that happen?  

But I did get 15 minutes to knit & have a cup of coffee out at a nice little place, while waiting to go to visit a dear old friend.  

06 February, 2018

Mash Up Socks P1

No such thing as scraps is there.  

All those cool bits that are left over can be put together some how & turned into a random pair of socks.  

These are such fun!  

05 February, 2018

On A Roll

Another pair off the needles for Stuart.  These were beach & park knitting over the holidays.  Powered on with the second one though to get them done.   They don't look too bad actually!  The Phildar Folk 100 yarn is a bit thicker than most of the yarns I seem to use. 

Socks #3 - 2018

02 February, 2018

Rocky Adventures

Another walk out to a local spot that we haven't explored before.  It was cool.  Very interesting to see these cool features & rock formations.  We will have to check it out again at a lower tide so we can see more.