02 March, 2015

Taking Stock - February

Making :  money from extra garden produce
Cooking :  stewed apples
Drinking : water, water, water
Reading:  Prep - Curtis Sittenfeld
Wanting:  to get well
Looking:  out for cash in the honesty jar.
Playing: Candy Crush still!
Deciding:  what to knit next
Enjoying:  the cooler nights
Waiting:  for time for DJ's school hour
Liking:  the cooler nights
Wondering:  how our holiday will go
Loving: my family
Pondering:  the strange sky 
Considering:  what to do with so many more apples still to come.
Buying:  not much, just essentials at the moment.  Yay!
Watching:  My Kitchen Rules 
Hoping:  that this week is normal!
Marvelling:  at DJ's sudden grasp of language
Cringing:  at all the wasted apples
Needing: motivation to do sewing for the school fair.
Questioning:  the weather
Smelling:  freshness after the rain.
Wearing:  windcheaters again
Following:   Maggie Dent
Noticing:  how much DJ is growing up before my eyes
Knowing:  I need to go & buy both boys new shoes
Thinking:  I need to strip & spray the first lemon tree.
Admiring:  BJ's braveness when he didn't have his reading book in his bag at school  
Sorting:  more fabric stash
Getting:  hungry
Bookmarking:  simple zucchini recipes 
Coveting:  anyone else's car that doesn't look terrible like mine does!  lol
Disliking: being sick
Opening:  messages from an old friend
Giggling:  at comments that kids make.  
Feeling: not quite as worn out
Snacking: not much at the moment 
Wishing:  for a stress free week
Helping:  people out with cheap fruit
Hearing:  too much about terror threats or possible threats...  do they need to keep pushing it so much?

01 March, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ  - Takes a bit to get you outside but you ventured out to the paddock today to play in the mud.  

DJ - No problem getting you outside.  You were desperate to help dad harvest something from the garden & you got to cut the rhubarb yourself!  (of course you wouldn't accept help anyway!)

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28 February, 2015

Summer Blues

It's the last day of summer today!  Where did the last 3 months go I wonder?  

I will have my summer blues with me all year though as I work on this blanket.  

This is the second pattern in the crochet a long.  It took me some time to work on in between all sorts of other things this week.  Couldn't really settle to it but forced myself to finish it off yesterday.  So this is Mendocino.  

26 February, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • A husband who steps up in times of need.
  • Caring kids.
  • Home grown food to the max.
  • A boy who surprised us with his terrific running at school athletics. 
  • A boy who is adjusting well with school at last.

22 February, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Some time making puzzles & playing games.  

DJ - contemplating which monkeys he wants to fall down.

Linking up with the project.

20 February, 2015

New Crochet

Once again this year I am running a crochet a long on Ravelry.  This is the first square.  I forgot to post last week.  So here it is.  My new colours are growing on me.  I also have red but didn't use it here & it looks like I won't be using it in the next square either so maybe I won't be using red after all. 

19 February, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Free food that was grown with love.
  • A few summer days sneaking in before summer disappears.
  • Some night time rain.
  • Knitting in the quiet moments at work.
  • Happy customers that come back to tell you how much they appreciate what you did for them previously.  
  • Happy customers that will come back on my work day for my help!  
  • A little guy that wants to learn reading like his big brother.