20 November, 2017

Finally A Finish

I have been knitting off & on, but not as much as before.  I don't know why.  Just different things going on I guess.

Anyhoo...  these are helical socks again.  So a round of 2 balls at a time.  A plain green & a very fun variegated though it does have long changes that one.

It's done anyway.  Not sure if they are keeps or not.  Will see next year.

Socks #18 - 2017

19 November, 2017

Feels Like Summer

It was hot today!  After taking care of all the trees & plants that needed water, the boys needed some.  They spent a bit of time here but then the sprinkler went under the trampoline & they were in there for nearly an hour I think.  It was fun listening to them play a lot together.  

In the meantime we got a job done that had been quite time some in the making.  I had weeded it a few times before ready for the mat & bark.  But well it never got that but now it was weeded again it was not growing again!  Done.  Yay!  

12 November, 2017


We've been playing with rocks still.  Well DJ & I do.  BJ has lost interest.  Oh well, That's ok.  

DJ is funny though.  He tries new designs that take him an age & then he rushes in with another & just puts marks on it.  Oh well.  

I'm still doing spiders.  They are easy now.  Also the penguins & owls are nice & effective.  Tried a few house types, & they aren't great, but aren't horrible either.  I do like my little red & white people though.  So much so that I couldn't even hide them when we went to do a big drop yesterday.  I think we dropped about 50 in 2 different parks that we hadn't been at yet.  Was a lot of fun.  We did find 9 though so that was cool.  

05 November, 2017

Party Pillow

Another party!

Another pillow!

It's got to the point where I can now ask the mum's of the little kids what the children are really into cos yeah, you know your child will get a pillow!  This particular mum has been at about all the parties we've been too. Spiderman was this choice!  Cool too as I hadn't done one of those! 

Pillow present # 16

04 November, 2017

Thoughtful Ideas

The other day BJ asked me if he could make a dinosaur for a friend at school who broke his leg at school last week.  I said he could of course.  

So today was it.  It was such a cold day today!  We stayed in for the day & BJ got started.  Cutting out, pinning together & machine sewing.  Then the stuffing!  He can have that job any day!  

I did help with attaching the legs to the body.  That is a rotten job too.   But he's done it! 

I really hope this boy appreciates it. 

03 November, 2017

Addicted to the Challenge!

 Ummm...  yes, rocks.

I went to the shops & found some paint pens too.  They are fabulous fun.

So I have got a little more creative.

The step by step instructions online are handy for learning how to draw things.  I really need to stick to some of those ideas instead of winging it.  My winging it doesn't work well.  I ask DJ to take his time to work on something rather than just flit over a rock with some coloured stripes.  He is funny & in a rush to to them.  I tell him he did a good job of the Spongebob rock last week so he should think them through more.  I really need to remember that too.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest too.

The boys had the day with their grandparents today & they went to the park with the neighbours which is a mum & 3 children.  They all took one of our rocks to hide at the park while they went.  They couldn't take more as they are too heavy to carry.  But they had fun with them.  So that's what counts hey!

01 November, 2017

Artistic Challenge

I have got a little hooked on these rocks. 

We have had fun hiding them.

We have had fun making them.

We have had fun seeing our rocks be found. 

I saw a beehive we hid last week was found by a little boy who was so excited he was going to save it to show his grandparents who keep bees!  I told the mum he should keep it them.  She was pleased she was given permission to keep it I think.  But if you really want one, well keep it I say!  We don't mind in the least.