21 December, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - being cool with a bow.
DJ - concentrating & feeling clever without dropping the egg in the race.  

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20 December, 2014

What A Great Festive Start

In our little village by the river, every year the local volunteer Fire Brigade come around on the weekend before Christmas & they have a special guest with them - Santa.  He stops around the neighbourhood & visits all the boys & girls & hands out bags of lollies.  (70 this morning!)

What a great haul this was.  

We were 2 doors over from our place, with 5 families altogether.  Three of them have children in BJ's class so we all see each other all year.  But all do go to the local school except for the littler ones of course.    

We stayed all morning after Santa left & then had a few treats like icy poles!  

Presents to open!

Egg & spoon race.  DJ thought this was pretty cool.  He'd never done this before & soon got the hang of it.  

Even a 3-legged race.  

A barbeque lunch, water play under the sprinkler, a pinata packed full of more sugar than 13 children should eat (so I had better help out!), so much sun, so much water & sunscreen, 

Oh & some good dessert!  

What a great start to Christmas.  Such a great day for a children's Christmas party with some great friends.  

17 December, 2014

Elf Treats

Douglas bought the boys a little something.  
Badges that have their names & they flash!  Very cute.  
(technically they came from England via one aunt, but Douglas is getting the credit)  

Alright, so Douglas is fishing in the little fish tank!  He didn't catch anything all night!  

Douglas sat up all night eating chocolate out of the sleigh.

Free candy canes for clean rooms apparently!

Douglas got hold of BJ's Christmas ornament that he brought home yesterday from school.  

14 December, 2014


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Both tired out at either end of the couch at the end of the weekend & after another family swim. 

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12 December, 2014

What A Busy Elf

Making a toilet paper snowman.  

BJ took the class bear Rosie home (AGAIN! for the 8th time this year!)  He doesn't care any more.  Rather Very over it.  But well, Douglas had a new friend to play with for the night.  

Toasting marshmallows.  
Playing games.
Writing in Rosie's journal.  


Douglas was busy again.  Obviously enjoying my stash of crafty stuff!  
He's been cutting out shapes & making BJ & DJ into elves too!  

(template for Elf yourself is here...)

Ahhh...  half way...

10 December, 2014

It's DONE!

Well I have joined my squares & got the borders on.  It's done!  Phew...  Not loving it yet.  Sick of it I think.  It needs to do some serious stretching still.  I need to throw it around a bit to make it do that.  Then the squares will all fit together properly.  

09 December, 2014

Douglas Elf Antics

Gee, Douglas keeps me up late some nights!  I forget about him & then last minute I have to make a miracle happen!  

But when BJ told my hairdresser on Saturday that "We have a real elf at home!!!" & then proceeded to tell her some of the things he had done this week, it made it all worthwhile again, late nights & all.  

Selfies...  covered the group of pictures of the boys with himself!  
(love this, it looks really cool!)

This was a good one, that on doing a search on Pinterest made me get to work.  Based on Minecraft (which is BJ's favourite thing) I found the Santa head printable.  I did make it bigger in a document though.  Then I very roughly & quickly covered some wooden blocks in green.  They are Grass blocks or something I believe.  Also made a pink one, the pig - not very piggy looking but oh well, at 10pm I didn't really care!  BJ loved the Minecraft Elf.  

So he went for a really long roll around the house inside a roll of toilet paper!  The paper went twice as far as the picture shows!  lol  

We haven't had tree lights for a really long time.  Douglas brought some last night.  
He did get a little bit tangled up though.  

Finally getting into the spirit of the Elf fun!  


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