25 January, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Busy day including a movie with Grandad.  Worn out...

DJ - just the clown as usual.  Can't get a sensible  pic of him much!  lol

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22 January, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Over night rain
  • Beautiful days
  • Play times with little friends from far away & from school
  • Much excitement swimming at the pool again
  • Lazy times at home
  • Customers that are so happy with the help you give that they give you hugs!  
  • Ability to pay bill before over due!  
  • Times at an indoor play centre

18 January, 2015


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - posing for dad & trying to be serious!  But a grin sneaks out.  Getting too grown up for my liking though, behaving more like a bigger kid! 

DJ - doing your hair as usual!  Spikes & all sorts of nonsense, but mostly, a lot of water.  & this was just before we went swimming!  He is such a joker & loves doing silly stuff.

Linking with the 52 project. 

17 January, 2015

Minecraft & Rainbows?

Do you know anything about the game Minecraft?  I am learning.  BJ saved up his money & bought the game recently.  He is so excited.  He has books & the hangers & goodness knows what else.  All he asked Santa for at Christmas was a Minecraft Hanger!  He got 3.  & a t-shirt.  He knows all about the game.  Knew loads about it, although he had never actually played it ever.  Well now he does.  He had his turn today.  But of course, DJ wants to desperately do it all like big brother does.  So I do let him have a turn of BJ's game.  BJ helps.  They did such a good job this afternoon.  BJ moves about a bit & tells DJ when to click & asks him what things he would like to pick on the screens at different times.  He was very patient with him & it was so nice to see.  DJ does spend a bit of time watching BJ play so no doubt has more clue about it than I give him credit for.  But he still needs help.  No point me helping as I have no clue whatsoever!  

Was a rather shocking day to be out today.  Wind was appalling so a bit of game time was definitely called for.  

Rewards for horrible days are beaut rainbows.  It had actually started to fade a bit by the time I took pictures outside, but it was so vibrant at first - it was amazing!  

16 January, 2015

Interesting So Far...

Part 3 of this knitted thing...

Think I am in over my head with this thing!!!  Arghhh!

Learnt another thing..  provisional cast on.  But I didn't do something right.
Can you tell?  It will be quite obvious here.  

Now I have blocked the heck out of it it isn't quite to obvious.  I don't know what I did wrong.  I don't know if it was the choice of method for the cast on as it was the first time I had tried it.  I don't know if it was something else that I did.  

But ...  I didn't frog it all.  It was at the start of the first bit.  But I didn't know until I had started the second half that there was something wrong.  

Either way, I will continue.  Since this is the back piece I am not overly concerned.  No one is allowed to look at my back if I am wearing it.  OK?  Deal...  

So currently it is drying out & stretching.  All 3 pieces.  Then I need to go to youtube again to remind myself how to do another thing.  At least this will be something I had done before.  I hope soon it is going to get easier. 

The challenge is doing me good though.  I guess...  

I have lunch with my knitting Ravelry friends in a couple of weeks.  I will ask them about the cast on thing.  Try to learn something from them.  They are experts.

15 January, 2015

Thursday Thanks

  • Fun times at work with my Luce.
  • Dinner out to celebrate a little sisters birthday - without her.  She lives far away.  We can eat without her!  lol
  • Summer birthday parties.
  • Simple outings that are enough to satisfy the boys!  
  • Summer fruit galore!
  • The first pickings from the vegetable garden.
  • Stuart is doing a great job with the garden
  • Small successful steps of the boys eating different things.

14 January, 2015

Sick Of Beaches Yet?

Another nice holiday day.  We had a little friend from W.A.  come over for a play this morning.  Then after lunch it was time to get out of the house again.  

Headed in the other direction to go to the other playground.  The boys only really wanted to go to the park but once there the beach was an addition.  The playground is at the beach really so it wasn't a hard choice when it came down to it.  The beach looked fun.  So after some dry play time, it turned out to be wet, sandy play.  Followed by another nudie drive home.  lol  

nothing like a visit to the beach & digging for treasure & a pirate ship goes by! 
All rather exciting!  lol