22 September, 2017

Ladybug Present

A pillow that is not quite the usual theme.  Ladybugs was the go for this one according to the mum.  Yay, something cute.  I did a fabric swap with a friend too which was cool.  She had cute ladybugs, I had some cool stuff that she could use for an eye-spy quilt.

Pillow present # 14

21 September, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • A boy that is finally grasping times tables.  The work we are doing with him is paying off.  Yay!
  • A littler boy that is learning to read & it's just crazy that this little kid can!  
  • Being able to do parent help in the little guy's class.  
  • Watching the faces of the little ones in class that glow when told they did well.  
  • Seeing my boys try so hard & taking on the extra work we do at home without too much complaint.  
  • Finding cool shows to watch.  No violence or bad language is refreshing!  

14 September, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Some extra hours at work.
  • Birthday celebrations at home.
  • Nice customers that become friends out of work too!
  • Father's Day.

13 September, 2017

Party Time

Thank goodness these are quick to sew up now.  Trying to juggle more work & the rest of time is tricky right now.

Pillow present #13

07 September, 2017

Man Socks

A while back I got some Knit Picks sock yarn to try.  

Stuart is going to score a pair of socks in it.  These are his.  Yarn is called Coffee Shop.  Looks awesome.  Really is a good colour for him.  

Socks # 13 - 2017

04 September, 2017

Cool Cotton

Do you use cotton yarn often?  It's different.  

I have a lot of the stuff.  I use a lot for dishcloths.  Knitted or crochet dishclothes are terrific!  

We recently got some new cotton at work though.  It is perfect for a baby blanket for a baby that lives in Queensland.  So I had to make one.  After doing the massive fat acrylic knitted blanket I had to go with something lighter.  

So I had a very long browse at patterns & ended up with the Larksfoot design.  Look like little space invaders.  There is a good tutorial on Meet Me at Mike's if you want to try it out.  

It goes to it's new home soon so I hope they like it.  

03 September, 2017

Double Party?

Ok, it's Father's Day.

But funnily enough it is also my birthday!  Yay me!