05 February, 2016

Caught Up

Boy I need a new camera.  This picture is a bit blurred again.  The lens is bad.

Anyway, I am up to date.  New squares arrived in my inbox on Friday's but for now I am up to date.  There are a couple of things I might stitch on to these once they have their edges attached too so I get the position right, but we'll see.  Not stressing too much right now.

04 February, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Reasonable good start to school for TWO boys.
  • Not the stress before school started that I expected for the big boy.
  • Little one not phased by school.
  • Greening grass from rain.
  • Dams that are noticeably a little fuller.
  • Opportunities to do some things I love.
  • Invention of audio books so I can multi-task even more!

03 February, 2016

Christmas Craft

While we were camping over a week ago (gee, hasn't that time flown by!) I did chuck an ornament kit in my bag - just in case...  Well I did.  I got most of the Santa stitched in those couple of days even though we were in & out.  It was a nice relaxing time after all & the boys were well occupied around camp.  I got it finished last night.  I'm rapt with him.  This was a gift for Christmas & I have it done already!  Not bad going.

02 February, 2016

Round Two

Finally got the next round of squares done for the quilt.   Holidays & missing fabric didn't help speed things up but it's got a complete round now so I am happy.  Looking quite cute.  Can't see some of the detail in this but you get the general idea.  It's going to be quite some finished piece!  In about a year!  lol

01 February, 2016

Taking Stock - February

Making :  The Town & Country Quilt.
Cooking :  an old favourite, Bacon & Broccoli Frittata
Drinking :  so much water...
Reading:  The Irresistible Blueberry Bakery & Cafe - Mary Simses
Wanting:  the holidays to be a little bit longer.
Looking:  forward to the next holidays
Playing: cricket with the boys
Deciding: which project to tackle next.
Wishing:  for a great start to school.
Enjoying:  the summer like I haven't in a long time.
Waiting:  for school to start.
Wondering:  how the first few days of school are going to go.
Loving:  the holidays
Pondering:  my 1.5 days at home alone each week.
Considering:  all the things I have to do on that 1.5 days at home alone each week.
Buying:  nothing much right now.  Car from last months Stock take isn't happening.  Just waiting to see what happens next.
Watching: not much.  Will try to avoid all the new shows starting & listen to some audio books instead.
Hoping:  that my niece continues working on her Happy Diary & it helps her out some.  
Marvelling: at how fast the time has flown since DJ was born.  Here he is starting Kinder this week.
Smelling: freshness, after days or rain & storms.
Wearing:  tank tops.  I don't like wearing them but at home I will cos it's so darned hot.
Following:  The Town & Country quilt facebook community.
Noticing: the days are getting a little shorter.
Knowing:  that this week is going to be high anxiety every night.
Thinking:  that it is too hot to sleep tonight.
Admiring:  the skill of the tennis players.
Sorting:  more toys out.  Funny how they just seem to disappear & no one even notices.  lol
Getting:  some Black Chicken deo to try.  Can't wait.  
Bookmarking:  almost everything again as ours all disappeared with computer issues.
Disliking: that my dog is getting older.
Opening:  parcels that came in the mail. 
Feeling: lethargic from the heat.
Snacking: Icecreams.  Had more in the last few weeks than I usually do in a year or 2 years even!  
Helping:  to try to avoid the start of school nerves. 
Hearing:  my audio book while I stitch.

31 January, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

BJ - Dinosaurs are huge at the moment & these scratch & reveal pictures are sort of artistic!  A fun project for the end of the holidays.
DJ - you need to lay your head down for drawing apparently.  Had fun making your dino picture too though.

Linking up with the 52 project.

28 January, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • A fabulous family holiday.
  • Successful caravaning.  
  • Bike success with removing training wheels.
  • New found confidence & independence in the big boy.
  • Some r&r for Stuart & I.
  • Interesting learning experiences for us all about our own patch of the world.
  • Amazing & unique wildlife.  
  • Statewide bushfires that are being put out.
  • No loss of life in fires.
  • Firefighters that come from all over to help a state in need.
  • More precious time with cousins. 

Pictures - at the zoo, patting a sleepy baby Tasmanian Devil.