27 September, 2016

UFO Becomes FO

Well how is that then!  It's done!  With almost no time involved at all really.  Isn't that typical.

The centre pieced top has been sitting in the cupboard waiting for 9 years.  Yep, my longest serving UFO.  I knew it only needed borders sewn on, & then the basting etc to finish off...  I knew that.  I guess I really needed to be in the mood.  But the other week I dug it out to have a look.  Yep, I can finish that in no time.  Why not.  So cut the first border, cut the second border & the binding.  Found some perfect fabric at work & off we go.

I don't know why it's taken so long.  It would have just about been finished back in 2007 only everyone decided to come home for Christmas!  Yeah, rough I know.  I couldn't finish this as they all came home!  Well it was an odd year that one.  After my stepdad Noel died suddenly, I found myself helping mum out in her shop.  I sold lawn mowers!  & mower parts & all sorts of stuff.  But the mower business isn't one that I could keep myself flat out in, so.....  I got to set up my sewing stuff in the room by the shop.  I got a lot of stuff sewn at the time.  I almost got this one done.  But when Christmas was coming, mum needed that room for family members to stay in.  So I had to pack up.  For some reason I never put it back either so I could continue.  Guess the mood had passed.  But that's OK.   It's done now!

As you can see, I didn't put much effort into quilting it.  The quilt is so busy, it didn't need more than that in my opinion.  I am a less is more quilter as I have found out tonight working on another!  lol

My Virtues quilt is now done.  These are old Max New fabrics & they are called things like Peace, Charity, Faith & Hope.  I don't know what I was thinking at the time.  It is certainly not really me now.  But either way I do like it, florals & all.  But one day it will find it's home where it belongs.  I will look after it until it suits someone...

26 September, 2016

School Holidays

Off to a good start...  the park, knitting & coffee...

25 September, 2016


A portrait of my boys once a week for a year.

Some new Quixels to play with... as weird as they are, the boys do quite enjoy the silly things.

24 September, 2016

And Now For The Baking!

Pleading to bake started early today.  No good excuse not to as it was a bit damp out.  

Started with DJ & ANZAC biscuits & then chocolate chip cookies.  

While doing that I came across the Lemon Slice recipe that BJ had been asking to make for a few weeks.  So got that ready to roll too.  

Super excited to be able to say I have a third quilt finished off too.  This Sweetwater fabric range "Reunion" is a jelly roll fun & fast quilt I put together a while back.  Unfortunately I cannot find when, anywhere on here.  I can't remember when I whipped it up.  But now, it's basted, quilted & bound.  It will go in the cupboard with my collection of Sweetwater quilts.  lol  Oh & I quilted it with a template I made myself, trying to duplicate the 4 petal flower sort of design in the fabric.  I thought it needed a big sort of design on it some how.  I'm not good at it or anything but I guess if I do some it's called practice.  

I was reading something earlier about how people don't quilt their quilts for fear of ruining them so the quilt tops get put away for an age until they feel brave enough.  Yes, I can see why.  Have one of those coming up.  Anyway, it's nice to try something new & have a little play.

23 September, 2016


Start of the holidays & first up it's pizza for tea with some people over to share it.  Lucky for me I was at work so dad had the pleasure of supervising dough making & then topping...  

Must say, you can't really beat home made pizza can you...  (& it's so easy is the Chef's Toolbox saute pan!)

22 September, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Starting to feel better.
  • Longer days.
  • Last week of school - the end of a super busy term!  
  • Catching up with family.
  • Time with friends.
  • A Sunday nap when unwell!  


21 September, 2016

Quilt 2

Another finish!  I'm really rapt it's done...  I hate to admit it but this was the second oldest UFO.  I just had to search & found the quilt top was made in 2012.  I had bought wadding for it at one point but used it in something else.  So had to get some more & now here it is done.  

I decided when I realised a long time family friend (long time as in 18 years I guess!) was having an 18th birthday this month I suggested to Stuart that we give this to her.  So yes, this is headed off to someone else!  It does pay to have them sitting about half done, as they will get used or given some day.  I hope she enjoys it.  

I even got a bit excited with the border quilting.  Not great at free motion quilting but it's fun trying!   I just hope they don't look at it too closely.