13 January, 2014

Guess How Much I Love You

I'm a sucker.  Totally.  lol  We got this gorgeous fabric panel in at work last year.  BJ came into the shop with me one day & spotted them.  Of course he was taken with it as at the time the "Guess How Much I love You" show was on ABCkids.  So I got a panel & some fabric to go with it to make a mini quilt.  The panel isn't very wide so I had to make it a bit wider.  It's more of a panel for a wall hanging otherwise I think.  Anyway, it's been quite popular.  It is cute.  I love the border panel too which I put on the back.  That is cute too.  But sorry, no picture of that.  

Well I have had this fabric kicking around in the cupboard, falling out & stuff while I got other things out.  So last week, one lazy holiday morning, I got the fabric out & sewed the borders on.  I got it basted that afternoon as I had an off cut of wadding big enough for it!  Bonus!  Another scrap used!  

I quilted it with clear thread & went roughly around the big rabbits in the middle.  It looks cute.  Also roughly over the butterflies.  Free style quilting I guess I should call it!  lol  Around each of the squares & some stiple quilting down each side.  I am a less is more quilter.  I do like some quilts with pretty patterns etc quilted over them but there are some that are so over quilted that it detracts from the actual quilt top I think.  Seems a shame after all that work in making a quilt top to hide it in the actual quilting.  

I spent a few days hand stitching down the binding.  Didn't rush.  Just did some when I could.  So yesterday I finished that off.  The boys love it.  They kind of need to share it really as I don't want to make them both one.  BJ did sleep under it last night though.   Nice...


Bron said...

Aaaaaw I like the story book of that too.....lovely sentiments to snuggle/sleep under. xxx

Sally said...

Beautiful... share the love indeed. It is so gorgeous. And yes - unless the material is pattern-less then less is more quilting is the way to go. Too fussy otherwise. If you want to show of the quilting then go for block colour I say... without any experience in such matters ;)

Janine said...

This is just adorable!


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