23 November, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Garden finishes.
  • Garden goals.
  • Settled boys.
  • A friend for the big boy.
  • A holiday on the horizon!
  • Helpful call centre staff from a couple of different companies! 
  • Call centre staff that really know their business.
  • All is good on Fell Farm.

20 November, 2017

Finally A Finish

I have been knitting off & on, but not as much as before.  I don't know why.  Just different things going on I guess.

Anyhoo...  these are helical socks again.  So a round of 2 balls at a time.  A plain green & a very fun variegated though it does have long changes that one.

It's done anyway.  Not sure if they are keeps or not.  Will see next year.

Socks #18 - 2017

19 November, 2017

Feels Like Summer

It was hot today!  After taking care of all the trees & plants that needed water, the boys needed some.  They spent a bit of time here but then the sprinkler went under the trampoline & they were in there for nearly an hour I think.  It was fun listening to them play a lot together.  

In the meantime we got a job done that had been quite time some in the making.  I had weeded it a few times before ready for the mat & bark.  But well it never got that but now it was weeded again it was not growing again!  Done.  Yay!  

12 November, 2017


We've been playing with rocks still.  Well DJ & I do.  BJ has lost interest.  Oh well, That's ok.  

DJ is funny though.  He tries new designs that take him an age & then he rushes in with another & just puts marks on it.  Oh well.  

I'm still doing spiders.  They are easy now.  Also the penguins & owls are nice & effective.  Tried a few house types, & they aren't great, but aren't horrible either.  I do like my little red & white people though.  So much so that I couldn't even hide them when we went to do a big drop yesterday.  I think we dropped about 50 in 2 different parks that we hadn't been at yet.  Was a lot of fun.  We did find 9 though so that was cool.  

05 November, 2017

Party Pillow

Another party!

Another pillow!

It's got to the point where I can now ask the mum's of the little kids what the children are really into cos yeah, you know your child will get a pillow!  This particular mum has been at about all the parties we've been too. Spiderman was this choice!  Cool too as I hadn't done one of those! 

Pillow present # 16

04 November, 2017

Thoughtful Ideas

The other day BJ asked me if he could make a dinosaur for a friend at school who broke his leg at school last week.  I said he could of course.  

So today was it.  It was such a cold day today!  We stayed in for the day & BJ got started.  Cutting out, pinning together & machine sewing.  Then the stuffing!  He can have that job any day!  

I did help with attaching the legs to the body.  That is a rotten job too.   But he's done it! 

I really hope this boy appreciates it. 

03 November, 2017

Addicted to the Challenge!

 Ummm...  yes, rocks.

I went to the shops & found some paint pens too.  They are fabulous fun.

So I have got a little more creative.

The step by step instructions online are handy for learning how to draw things.  I really need to stick to some of those ideas instead of winging it.  My winging it doesn't work well.  I ask DJ to take his time to work on something rather than just flit over a rock with some coloured stripes.  He is funny & in a rush to to them.  I tell him he did a good job of the Spongebob rock last week so he should think them through more.  I really need to remember that too.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest too.

The boys had the day with their grandparents today & they went to the park with the neighbours which is a mum & 3 children.  They all took one of our rocks to hide at the park while they went.  They couldn't take more as they are too heavy to carry.  But they had fun with them.  So that's what counts hey!

01 November, 2017

Artistic Challenge

I have got a little hooked on these rocks. 

We have had fun hiding them.

We have had fun making them.

We have had fun seeing our rocks be found. 

I saw a beehive we hid last week was found by a little boy who was so excited he was going to save it to show his grandparents who keep bees!  I told the mum he should keep it them.  She was pleased she was given permission to keep it I think.  But if you really want one, well keep it I say!  We don't mind in the least. 

31 October, 2017

Taking Stock - October

Making :  Christmas & birthday gifts.
Cooking :  butter chicken.  A favourite of the boys.  
Drinking :  Nespresso at home, cos I can.  
Reading:  The second Wishing Chair book to DJ.  
Trawling:  hallmark.com
Wanting: someone to cook our tea every night!
Deciding:  on how to do my front fence.  :-)
Enjoying:  knitting scrap socks.  They don't look scappy which is cool!  
Liking: our Random Act of Kindness in the park.  
Pondering: sock scrap combos
Considering:  Christmas
Buying:  DJ a new scooter since we gave his away.  
Watching:  dare I say it?  Just started Gilmore girls from the beginning again.  Marvelling: at how the boys have taken to drawing Tas Rocks & sharing them.  
Cringing: at the new technique I'm trying.  I figured it out but not loving it so will leave it now I conquered it!  Will use the wool in something else now!  lol
Needing: some more rocks to colour in.  
Smelling: Easy Air, oil blend to help clear my nose...
Getting:  my own Samsung tablet!  Yay!  & it's free!!!  Whoop whoop!
Celebrating: a new baby boy right next door!   
Embracing:  the painted & hiding rocks craze. 

30 October, 2017

Late But Done!

These socks I did manage to finish today.

I have hardly done any knitting in the last week so these are now late.

But I did get them finished & in the mail all in the one day...

Hopefully someone likes them!

Sock #17 - 2017

29 October, 2017

Rocking Along

The last few days have been good for rock production.  

Well for DJ & I at least.  

There is quite a bit of variety here.  

We had a rock hiding day today & a little one yesterday.  We have shared them around in 3 different places.  We have seen a couple of our rocks that have been found too so that's exciting.  I hope we see when Spongebob is found too!  

We also took quite a lot of the ones we had found & hid those again.  We haven't got many left now.  

(as much as I hate spiders, I do like this one.  So I did another one!  lol)

(the pokeball was found today!)

The walking doughnut was found today too!  

These 4 we found but have kept Peppa pig & the ninja turtle for now.  Other 2 are gone.  

28 October, 2017

Rock Star

DJ is really enjoying this rock thing! 

He has been churning them out. 

But today he did an amazing job.  He used the biggest rock the beach must have had. 

He used a clip or something online to copy out Spongebob! 

I reckon he did a really good job of it anyway! 

27 October, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • Lovely sunny weekends!
  • Boys getting creative.
  • Me being creative in a different than usual way.
  • Boys being active outside!
  • Me being active outside!  
  • Impending summer days & all that it brings.

26 October, 2017

Ain't That A Shame

Well we went to swimming lessons.

The pool was still broken.

Lucky for us we had scooters & rocks in the car.


We had a great time.  Went to a different park than we have dropped rocks previously, as we were there anyway.  We went for a nice scooter ride along the walking track over there first & dropped 10 rocks.

The boys were too busy scootering & playing to look really.  I am totally hooked & can't help but look.  I found these 4.  It was funny as BJ was sitting at the table where IT was hiding, & he still didn't see it!   

Another bag of rocks came home with us.  Better get drawing.

Ain't that a shame - song by Fats Domino who passed away today.  Another classic!

22 October, 2017

Hooked on Rocks

So the crazy rock craze is still on.  After we found all those yesterday we did make a good collection to replace them.  The boys want to keep what they find which is OK but I do want them to replace them as well. 

So we had a drive to get some sealer & I got a can of spray on white at the same time.  As you do. 

This is what we came up with...  DJ's first picture, BJ's second picture - he is very particular about his rocks & takes ages so doesn't get many done.  Unlike DJ who just rushes!  Next 2 pictures are my rocks!  & I must admit but I am keeping my big toucan.  Was really pleased with him & how pretty he turned out.  I'm a hopeless drawer but using these books of the boys on how to draw it sure helped & makes me look a little bit capable! 

After dropping ours in the park we did have a hunt of course.  Found 4.  I re-hid one which I thought the boys would find on our way back scootering through the park but they didn't.  

In the meantime, coming back from scootering, we gave DJ's scooter away.  He is way too tall for it.  So this unsuspecting bloke pushing the pram with his little girl in it, got to carry home a scooter than this random nutter woman & her son handed over happily mid ride. 

(well what were we to do?  We had to find someone to pass it on too!  & well, not usually so random like that but hey, better random in person fun for strangers!  We're happy as it's out of our way without any effort now!  )

21 October, 2017

Spur of the Moment Times

The boys had to come with me this morning as Stuart went to work.

We turned it into a super fun time.  BJ wanted to go back to the park where we hid rocks to see if his Ghostbusters was still there.

So after a look & a play we had found a couple of rocks there.

BJ found one of Dj's that DJ had hidden last week.  That was a surprise.  BJ didn't know it was his!

But then we got the scooters out of the car & scootered down to another part of the park.  That was a successful trip.  We found a whole pile that way.  It was good fun.  The boys had a blast.

We now are armed with more rocks & other stuff to get ready to paint another batch to replace all of these.  It seems we are making a "Tas Rocks" garden!

19 October, 2017

Fused Fusion

These are great! 

For one thing I have used up left overs!  It's amazing what is hiding in "scraps" isn't it? 

I did these 2 at a time so worked from each end of a left over ball so each sock worked the same.  I am really pleased.  The first one went pretty much the length of the foot.  The second one went a few rows into the cuff.  The third finished the cuff & heels. 

The yarn is "Roam Fusion" & the different ones work together pretty well I think! 

Socks # 16 - 2017

15 October, 2017


This picture recently popped up on a page I follow. 

Gee, it was like a huge flashback.  It still is when I see it in my screen saver collage of pictures... 

THIS is the game we used to have.  The one game that I used to actually win! 

Just looking at the pictures of the game pieces is just so weird.  Ours was well worn.  One of our chimney stack pieces had a really big chew mark in it.  Guess that was my brother.  But these were such a cool variety of pictures. 

These days a game like this is most likely a licensed product with pictures following a theme of a current trend. I have tried to keep away from games like that now, but some days it's unavoidable... 

Did you have a favourite game as a child that you were good at?  Or remember because you weren't??? 

14 October, 2017

Scrap Socks

This is so far on the scrap socks.  This is one bit of scrap, having started at both ends of the ball I have got a lot further than I expected.   It's just about the length I need before I put the heel yarn in. 

So stay tuned for the next instalment of scraps.

12 October, 2017

Thursday Thanks

  • School Holidays!  Yay!
  • Nice balance of holidays & extra work time.  
  • Learning new knitting techniques, even if I don't like them.
  • Running into friends in random places.  Some people are just meant to be in your lives aren't they?  
  • Family members that take care of one another at the drop of a hat.  
  • Grandparents who babysit the boys.  


Pillow Time

Another party! 

Another pillow!

Grandma Lyn came to play games with the boys.  I got to whip this one up. 

Pillow present #15

11 October, 2017


One of our favourite shops re-opened this week.  It burned down 2 years ago.  They were in temporary premises until the new place was done.  Which it is now.  

So we checked out the new store!   

Starting with Alice in Wonderland's little door!  

Humpty was a hit! 

The dragon was scary!  Tall too! 

10 October, 2017

Why Stop At One?

New challenge finally...

I gave this a try today.  Two at a time socks.  It's great.  Easy as.  I don't know that I would like to try it with some fancy pattern though. 

Also stash busting left over sock yarn while I go.  I have both socks started from either end of a left over ball.  So it will be interesting to see how far up this sock this one goes. 

Stay tuned...

09 October, 2017

Lego Play

The local library put on a Lego time in the school holidays.  It was quite good.  The boys have a lot of lego themselves but it is always nice to play with some different pieces & also to play with other people. 

It can become a little competitive in that sort of environment so it was interesting to watch. 

BJ made a marble maze.  All the kids were interested in it & had a turn of it.  He liked that.

08 October, 2017

Our Rocks

A good day to spend some time colouring rocks.  DJ got into it big time.  

BJ took a little longer & put more thought into each design. 
That's him I suppose.

Admittedly, I did it too. 

Lucky for me, the boys have some learn to draw books with step by step pictures.  I used those.  I had fun. 

 They just need to be sealed now.  That will happen in a few days.